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Integrated Microseismic Services

Trican’s Microseismic service line provides customers with a graphic representation of a fracture by monitoring the microseismic events induced by the treatment being pumped. Monitoring is done through multiple receivers deployed in one or several neighbouring wellbores. These microseismic events are then used to create an image of the fracturing treatment, displaying the geometric properties created by the fracture. These properties, along with other data, suggest how to pump fractures in subsequent wells.

Trican has entered into a partnership with GeoTomo, a developer of high end geophysical software, to provide microseismic acquisition and processing services. Trican GeoTomo Microseismic Ltd. enters this market with profound experiences in hydraulic fracturing engineering and unique geophysical software capabilities.

Trican and GeoTomo have combined their extensive experiences in hydraulic fracturing, seismic tomographic inversion, 3D velocity model building, and microseismic borehole data acquisition, processing and interpretation to develop the MiVu™ software package. MiVu™ is capable of performing microseismic model building, survey optimization, data processing, event imaging, quality control, and visualization, with advanced geophysical technologies and high-performance commercial graphics utilities. In addition to a complete set of microseismic functionalities in four modules, the new software offers five distinct techniques to locate microseismic events during a fracturing treatment, and to determine the best solution with estimated resolution from using these methods. These five methods include:

Microseismic Search Engine: applying rapid search technology to determine microseismic event location, magnitude, and focal mechanism automatically, in less than a second

3D Wavefront Grid Search: applying 3D wavefront raytracer to help stack the microseismic data for detecting events, and imaging event location simultaneously in real time

Double Difference with Prediction: applying seismic theories to help predict P-wave arrivals from S-wave arrivals, and using the double differences of P-to-S travel times to locate the microseismic events

3D Interferometric Migration: applying 3D wavefront raytracer to map maximum energy from cross-correlated microseismic data to the subsurface, and determine event location

3D Traveltime Inversion: applying 3D nonlinear traveltime inversion to both P- and S-wave traveltime picks for inferring the event locations, and updating the 3D velocity model iteratively

Trican GeoTomo Microseismic Ltd. uses a multi-disciplined team made up of geophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers and fracturing specialists to interpret the microseismic results from a hydraulic fracturing treatment. A microseismic map integrated with pumping data will assist in improving future fracture design, fracture spacing in horizontal wells, in addition to well spacing in a given field when integrated with a reservoir simulator.

Microseismic data can be used to calibrate a fracture model. This is done by incorporating the fracture geometry (height, length, etc.) determined from the microseismic data with a fracturing treatment pressure match. A calibrated fracture model can be used as an engineering tool for fracturing optimization in offset areas. As well, calibrated models can be integrated with a reservoir simulator to improve fracture spacing and wellbore spacing, and ultimately increase production and recoveries in a field.

Trican GeoTomo Microseismic is a partnership between Trican and GeoTomo that provides superior microseismic services. These services include:

  • 3D Microseismic Survey Design
  • Microseismic Acquisition
  • Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring
  • Post-Acquisition Microseismic Data Processing
    • Including re-processing data previously done with another provider
  • Data Interpretation
    • Performed using a multi-disciplinary team of fracture engineers and geophysicists
  • Fracture / Completions Analysis
    • Including minifrac (DFIT) analysis, calibrated frac modelling, and post treatment studies
  • Integrated Reservoir Modelling
    • Integration of MS data with other reservoir services offered by Trican

For more information or to discuss how Trican GeoTomo Microseismic Ltd. can help you with your next microseismic project, please contact us at microseismic@trican.ca or call 403-266-0202.


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