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Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing (CT) is a continuous (without joints) reel of steel pipe that can be manufactured in any length desired. The pipe, which typically comes in sizes that vary from 31.8 mm (1 ¼ in) to 88.9 mm (3 ½ in), is spooled onto a large diameter reel and can be run into any oil or gas well. In general terms, coiled tubing is used as a conduit to circulate and place fluids and gases into the wellbore at a specific depth for either reservoir stimulation or wellbore cleanout purposes. CT is also used to convey tools for a multitude of functions including zonal isolation, perforation, fracturing, drilling, jetting, etc. Trican designs and manufactures specialized tools tailored to these functions and customer-specific needs. CT can also be use for specialized applications such as pipeline cleanouts, temporary flowlines or even as a replacement for conventional production tubulars in the right application.

The major advantage of using CT technology over regular jointed tubing is the ability to safely work on a live well without the need to kill it. Secondary advantages can be the increased speed of running a CT string in and out of a well, which has the potential to save time on some operations when compared to conventional jointed pipe.

Services offered include:

  • Well clean outs (sand, paraffin deposits, sediments, debris)
  • CT operations with wireline (including geophysical logging with coiled tubing)
  • Oil production stimulation (bottomhole and formation acidizing)
  • Design, development and use of specially designed tools
  • Nitrogen treatments
  • High pressure jetting for milling and cleaning

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