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Acidizing and Production Enhancement

Acid is used to stimulate production in all types of formations including injection, gas and/or oil producing, and disposal. Acids can be categorized into organic and inorganic, and various combinations of these two types are also used in specialty applications. Acid treatment types can be defined by injection rate and pumping pressure. Acid stimulation treatments carried out below formation fracture pressures are termed “Matrix Acidizing Treatments” while those carried out at pressures greater than formation fracture pressures are categorized as “Fracture Acidizing Treatments”.

Trican develops acid systems for formations in all areas in which we operate. Trican has successfully completed treatments in many of the more challenging regions of the world for acidizing, such as in those containing large amounts of wax and asphaltene. In these cases, contact with acid can result in serious formation damage if the proper chemistry is not applied. Trican has designed acid chemistry that not only prevents the precipitation of these damaging compounds, but also leaves wells clean and undamaged. This is one example of how Trican has focused on reducing damage using economical and environmentally friendly solutions.

Trican also offers recompletion services, designing treatments for existing production and injection wells. We utilize an integrated approach in order to design the best treatment for our customer’s field or well. Analysis includes:

  • Review of reservoir parameters and their influence on conformance, sweep and injection performance
  • Evaluation of existing well test data and opportunities for enhancement
  • Data acquisition program design (open and cased hole logging, coring and seismic)
  • Geological modelling and complementary reservoir simulation
  • Laboratory analysis on produced water and crudes
  • Wellbore management programs (previous performance of workovers, artificial lift injection wells)
  • Decline curve analysis
  • Computer software program for well fluid behaviour at surface and subsurface conditions
  • Formation case histories

Trican’s integrated team will help our customers establish a plan to maximize hydrocarbon recovery, resulting in optimum asset management for aging or marginal fields.

Trican’s advanced chemistry and state-of-the-art equipment can be used in all areas around the globe. Whether in carbonate, sandstone or terrigenous reservoirs, our acid engineering and laboratory group has the experience and the expertise to develop customized acid blends to successfully and economically treat different wells. A number of Trican’s new acid products can be found in the New Technology section.

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