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Drilling, cementing and stimulation series
Following are three video/animations describing the drilling, cementing and fracturing processes for oil and gas reservoirs:

  • Drilling animation: well site preparation and drilling procedures. (3:07)
  • Vertical stimulation: cementing and multi-zone hydraulic fracturing in a vertical well within a sandstone formation. The process is identical in shale or other tight formations. (5:00)
  • Horizontal stimulation: cementing and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in a horizontal well. The process is identical in shale, sandstone or other tight formations. (4:45)

Trican Cementing Services

  • Cementing: This movie highlights Trican’s extensive experience in cementing services worldwide. (3:00)

Additional Trican technology

Cement Layering Tool
Conventional Coil Fracturing
Lost Circulation Plug/Pill
Mud Wash™
Navigator Tool
Straddle Seal Ensemble
Straddle Various

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