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Trican is an industry leader in providing engineered services for pipeline storage and movement. Below is a sample of our Pipeline service offering:

Nitrogen Purging and Displacement: (engineered programs and simulations for crude, gas, product and water systems) Trican operates one of the largest and most modern fleets of nitrogen pumping equipment available. Our capabilities range from low pressure, low rate to high pressure, high rate pumping. Trican’s engineered displacement and purging programs involve detailed calculations and simulations. Together with our superior pumping equipment, this results in reliable programs with predictable results.

Hydrostatic Testing: (engineered programs and simulations for all piping systems, complete turnkey service from line fill to water treatment at disposal) Trican has dedicated resources to handle the most complex testing programs from design to water disposal. Our instrumentation, together with superior data collection and analysis, sets the standard for accuracy. This is paramount to final reporting and certification. We are experienced in multi-section simultaneous testing and, with 100,000 horsepower of pumping equipment available, we can take on your most complex hydrotests.

Liquid and Gaseous Pumping Services: (temporary pumping systems) Trican can assist your pipeline movements by providing emergency back-up pumping during mainline pump outages.

Pipeline Drying: (drying of systems using nitrogen, air, methanol and swabs) Trican’s engineered drying service can provide up to a -40° system dew point to ensure that water will not contaminate product pipelines, cause corrosion or process upset.

Pipeline Corrosion Inhibitor Application: Involves the use of portable continuous and batch injection equipment.

Pig Tracking: Transmitters are often attached to a pig to enable tracking at any time. Because pipeline pigs often find buckles or other restrictions in pipelines, they can become stuck. Utilizing transmitters allows a pig to be successfully located with a receiver.

Pipeline Blowdown: Programs are engineered to reliably predict and manage pipeline blowdown. Equipment is used to manage the energy of the blowdown in a safe and quiet manner.

Filtering: Filtering involves particulate removal from liquids, hydrocarbon removal from water, glycol cleaning and reclamation.

Valve Sealing and Isolation: (nitrogen assisted freezing and viscous fluid sealing of valves) When a valve cannot be isolated and work is required downstream, or when searching for leaks during a hydrotest, freeze isolation is an effective tool to quickly address these problems. Trican uses closed chamber freeze isolation to ensure safety comes first when freezing pipes.

If a valve will not properly seal and bypass is a concern, such as hydrotesting against a valve, Trican’s viscous fluid seal provides the solution to this problem. Applications include water, hydrocarbon, methanol and glycol.

Pipeline Cleaning: Trican has system-specific programs using selective chemistries for black powder removal and abatement, wax removal, asphaltene removal and engineered viscous fluid programs for inorganic deposit removal.

Trican’s engineered line cleaning services begin with a thorough understanding of line contents and deposits. Our programs employ proven chemistry together with the best pigging technologies to thoroughly clean the system.

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