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Industrial Services


Trican’s Industrial Services group consists of skilled individuals who are specialists at providing a number of services in refining, petrochemical, power generation and gas processing facilities. Below is a sample of our Industrial Cleaning services offered:

Chemical Cleaning:
• 2D and 3D internal washing of vessels
• Pickling
• Foamed Cleaning
• Degassing
• Surface Engineering and Passivation
• Lube Oil System Flushing and Filtering
• Portable Filtering
• “Steam Out” Cleaning

Mechanical Cleaning: Trican, through its exclusive relationship with Conco Systems, offers elite products and services for cleaning, inspection and maintenance of condensers and heat exchangers. Long recognized throughout the power industry for quality cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers, Conco has integrated systems and service capabilities for enhanced operations and maintenance practices. Exclusive technologies include: tube cleaning, deposit sampling, leak detection, eddy current testing, tube failure analysis, tube plugging, deposit monitoring and performance software.

Exchanger Cleaning: Trican, through its exclusive relationship with National Heat Exchange Corp, is pleased to offer the patented “Mobile Bundle Cleaner.” The MBC is an environmentally responsible method of cleaning heat exchangers. The process will effectively remove fouling to the core of the exchanger, restoring heat transfer to near design specification.

Nitrogen Assisted Accelerated Cool-down and Warm-up of Process Reactors, Furnaces and Turbines: Trican’s engineered nitrogen services begin with a thorough understanding of the process, metallurgy and constraints. Our on-line data collection and analysis ensure operations are within all constraints and the system is accurately managed.

Nitrogen Purging and Displacement: Trican specializes in process inerting, dilution purge, pressure cycle purge, displacement purge, vacuum cycle purge and foamed nitrogen. Trican’s nitrogen capability ranges from low pressure, low rate to high pressure, high rate. Our modern fleet of nitrogen pumpers is one of the largest in Canada and offers the flexibility of non-fired and direct-fired vaporizers.

Process Drying: This service uses nitrogen, air or vacuum to provide dew point to -40°C to ensure that moisture will not contaminate the process or cause corrosion.

CO2 Blasting: Through its exclusive relationship with Air Liquide, Trican offers CO2 dry ice blasting for precision cleaning to remove waste and moisture from high pressure water blasting or sand blasting.

Pressure Testing: Trican is the industry leader in pressure testing with expertise in liquid and gas testing. Trican’s data acquisition system and analysis capabilities are state-of-the-art and provide a level of accuracy that exceeds the requirements for certification.

Leak Detection: Trican ensures facilities are safe before start-up by pressuring the system with unique tracer gases and searching for leaks at connections, seals and valves. Trican’s modern mass spectrometer accurately assesses the system to provide true leak measurement before start-up.

Valve Sealing and Isolation: This service involves nitrogen assisted freezing and viscous fluid sealing. When a valve cannot be isolated and work is required downstream, or when searching for leaks during a hydrotest, freeze isolation is an effective tool to quickly address these problems. Trican uses closed chamber freeze isolation to ensure safety comes first when freezing pipes.

If a valve will not properly seal and bypass is a concern, Trican’s viscous fluid seal provides the solution to this problem. Applications include water, hydrocarbon, methanol and glycol.

Tank Cleaning: Trican’s tank cleaning services begin with a thorough understanding of tank contents. We use proven chemistry in conjunction with internal automated wash jets to thoroughly clean all internal surfaces, maximize product recovery and degas the tank atmosphere.

Analytical Service: Trican supports a full laboratory service offering deposit characterization and interpretation, fluid analysis and chemical performance testing.

Delayed Coker Drum Cutting: Trican specializes in temporary pumping packages for high pressure, high volume, pulsation-controlled systems as a back up when main water pumps are off line.


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