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Training and Development

Whether in Trican’s technical and business units or its field operations, employees at Trican are well prepared for their roles and have ample opportunities for advancement, with many career path options. Training is seen as an integral part of this advancement. Trican has dedicated training facilities and committed staff that trains hundreds of employees each year in everything from new employee orientation, basic oilfield calculations, coiled tubing hydraulics, to advanced cementing and stimulation methods.

In addition to Trican’s in-house training, the company has a scholarship program in place for those wishing to obtain a Petroleum Technology diploma or Engineering degree. The program is open to anyone who has been with Trican for a minimum of three years. This program encourages our employees to further their education and it also provides Trican with a well-trained technical group.

Trican’s Training Program

Trican Field Employees are exposed to several different levels of training as their careers advance. In the past three years, employees received 200,000 hours of HSE and Technical training - an average 154 hours per individual. While our courses continue to evolve and expand, Trican offers the following courses throughout the year when industry activity levels permit:

  • New Employee Training
  • New Hire Mentoring Program
  • Best Practices for Pumping Services
  • Safe Start Assessor Program
  • Competency Assessment Program
  • Equipment Operators
  • Senior Operators and Supervisors
    • Acid Supervisor
    • Bulk Plant Operator
    • Basic Cementing
    • Advanced Cementing
    • Coiled Tubing Supervisor
    • Hydraulics for Coiled Tubing Operations
    • Nitrogen Supervisor
    • Chem. Van Operator
    • Smarts 32 Data Van Operator
    • Basic Fracturing Supervisor
    • Advanced Well Stimulation

Training Records

Most of Trican’s Geographic Regions (GR) use a computer system, which is part of our HR/Payroll system, to record all training received, expiry dates, apprenticeship certificates, drivers licenses, formal education, job class requirements, training providers (both in-house and external), training venues and individuals within the company who are able to provide various types of training.

Training Facilities

Trican uses a variety of venues to conduct training both in class and in the field. 

Canada - Trican’s Red Deer facility contains 5,000 square feet of training space and accommodates up to 90 people per day. The facility also includes 12,000 square feet of office space and 20,000 square feet devoted to the shop. The facility has an interactive bay where field people can work on equipment maintenance and operations.

Another facility housed in our Red Deer base is a CTS 5000 coiled tubing simulator accompanied by fluid pump, remote choke and nitrogen pump simulators.
Each base and/or district has a designated training room in its buildings, as well as a list of training providers and additional facilities available. 

Russia - Russian operations have a similar facility to Red Deer’s, built-for-purpose in Nizhnevartovsk, with classrooms and equipment designated for practical demonstrations. 

USA - Trican’s US operations have a designated training facility located in Denton, and each base has a designated training/meeting room for district-specific training. 

As your career progresses at Trican, know that you will be educated, trained and challenged to be and do your best.


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