Strategic Direction

Trican’s primary focus is servicing the needs of its customers worldwide. We believe that every oil and gas producing region of the world has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, and that the needs of our customers can best be met by applying innovative engineered solutions that are specific to that region. Success is advanced by utilizing best-of-class equipment and technology, delivered safely by highly trained and reliable staff. This strategy is proving to be very successful in Trican’s growing and strengthening international operations.

This approach has also proven to be very successful in Canada, as Trican has grown from a small regional supplier of cementing services to the largest full service pressure pumping company in the country. Trican Canada will continue to grow as unconventional resource development continues its expansion.

In Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Trican has expanded its service offering in both western and eastern Siberia, opened new operational bases and quickly grown to become the largest fracturing company in Russia. Trican Russia will continue to grow as the country develops its vast oil and gas resources. In Kazakhstan, Trican is seeing new growth opportunities with current and prospective customers, and focusing on extending the breadth of its services and expanding its market share in this region from its two bases.

In the United States, Trican continues to expand fracturing operations within the shale plays of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota. We are also increasing the provision of Trican’s full complement of services in each of these regions, adding equipment, personnel and bases, including a Regional Office and an R&D Centre in Houston, Texas. Trican will continue to see geographic and service line growth within the US, particularly in Unconventional Resource development and Industrial Services. Trican continues to develop leading edge technology and highly trained personnel to meet the ongoing needs of our customers in the US and wherever in the world they operate.

In Algeria, Trican continues to build upon the successful introduction of its coiled tubing services with the awarding of a significant long term cementing contract. This proven track record in desert conditions is opening up new opportunities in the similar harsh environments of Middle Eastern producing regions.

Trican entered Australia in 2011 with cementing services. We are primarily focused on providing our services in the emerging Coal Seam Gas (CSG) and shale gas markets. Australia is poised to become one of the world’s largest exporters of LNG, and Trican will grow geographically and in service lines as the Australian gas business grows to meet its LNG export requirements.

Trican has established an office in Saudi Arabia and is set to begin operating in the region. We will begin with our cementing and coiled tubing service lines, and add more as opportunities arise.

Trican is determined to build on its past successes, continue growing in its existing regions, and is actively pursuing additional opportunities in other active oil and gas basins globally.

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